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Best of FLIC 2017

Encore Screenings

Encore presentations are being screened through Thursday at Showboat Cinemas on Main in Polson.

Monday, Jan 23
4pm The Violin Alone & North of Known
6pm Oxenfree & A David Lynch Movie
8pm What Separates Us

Tuesday, Jan 24
5pm Foreign Shorts: La Vie, 20 meters of love in Montmartre, Cradle, The Dolphin Skin City, My Life is Cinema, Praxis, Until the End and 51.7Hz
7pm The Bug
8:30pm Between

Wednesday, Jan 25
4pm Travel Light & The Walk
6pm Travel Light & The Walk (repeat)
8pm Made in MT Short Films: Fall, The Ice Cream Man, Pyrrhic, A Culture of Helath: Farm to Hospital in MT, The Hard Way, Bud’s Place and REzMaDE

Thursday, Jan 26
4pm Best Short Films – La Vie, Until the End, Endless Waltz, To Feel Human (Content warning), Auto, Cradle, The Dolphin Skin City, and Coming Clean
7pm North of Known and The Hard Way
8:30pm Gala & Godfrey – Rated R