FLIC Board and Committee

David W. King
FLIC Director & Co-Producer

David W. King’s film and television career spans 40 years and many facets of live-action and animation production. He has 125+ IMDB credits. David’s positions and credits have included Vice President of Production, Supervising Producer, Producer, Director, Associate Producer, Production Manager, Post-Production Supervisor, Executive in Charge of Production, Writer, Cinematographer and Editor. He’s worked for major studios, including Universal, Disney, and 20th Century Fox. At Disney and Universal, David produced feature-length projects like Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp’s Adventure and Balto 2 and 3. David also wrote or co-wrote 8 feature screenplays, most of which were optioned. David moved to Polson, Montana in 2012, where he set up his own production company, David W. King Pictures, LLC. Samples of his work are available at his website, DavidWKing.com.

David is involved with FLIC because he loves movies covering a wide spectrum, from epic to produced-on-a-shoestring. Bottom line, he admires filmmakers who take steps of faith and actually tell their stories. And as a judge, David finds it great fun to unearth little gems as he and his fellow judges share the privilege of reviewing FLIC entries each year.

Jessica King
FLIC Co-Producer

As FLIC Co-Producer, Jessica is involved year-round in many facets of the festival. She coordinates filmmaker travel, creates the FLIC graphics, manages FLIC’s multi-platform social media campaigns, and helps her husband David juggle his responsibilities.

Jessica and David own David W. King Pictures, LLC in Polson, Montana. Jessica co-produces and sometimes directs the company’s video projects and also creates graphics. Jessica’s background before joining DWKP included being the media producer at Camp Bighorn, an outdoor adventure camp near Plains, Montana. She’s also the proud mother of their son, Marcus and daughter, Claire, which is a full time job itself. Jessica loves movies of many genres. She and David have recently been enjoying The Crown and Formula One. Jessica also enjoys the literary and cinematic magic of JK Rowling’s wizarding world.

Becky Dupuis
FLIC Board President
Chair of Theater Operations

Becky grew up in the movie theatre business. Her parents purchased the Park Theatre in Polson when she was six and the rest, as they say, is history. For Becky seeing every movie that came along (and was age appropriate of course) was just a way of life. In her teenage years she worked the ticket booth and concessions regularly and also cleaned up after the movie. She says it was a great job. She could work and still see all of her friends on Friday night!

Becky earned a degree in environmental engineering from Montana Tech in Butte. She worked in that field for 15 years, but eventually the lure of the silver screen brought her back to Polson to help run the family business that has since expanded to 11 theaters.

As the film buyer/booker for Polson Theatres Becky is interested in all types of movies but small town theaters are fairly limited to playing commercial films from the large studios. Being involved in FLIC gives her the opportunity to bring independent films of all varieties to movie patrons. She loves the variety of films submitted to FLIC and is proud to be able to host the FLIC festivities at one of her theaters.

Two of Becky’s favorite films: “Titanic” and “Something About Mary.”

Toni Young Whealon
FLIC Sponsorship Committee Chair
Event Committee Chair

Toni grew up on the Montana, North Dakota border where there were not many things to do other than high school sports and movies. Her dad, Clair Krebsbach, was instrumental in getting a television station started for the area in the late 50’s, but one of the biggest entertainments was going to the movies on Saturday or Sunday afternoons and later on date nights. Movies are a special way to lose yourself in the adventures, laughter, documentaries, travel, history, and so much more. It’s a great was to keep learning and expanding horizons or just being entertained.

It’s very hard to choose a favorite movie because they can affect you in so many ways. Toni has several favorites, but probably her most favorite are Gone With the Wind and the Wizard of Oz for the lessons in learning to find strength within yourself and overcoming adversity.

Toni joined the FLIC committee the first year, and loves having the opportunity to share a weekend of FLIC films with folks in the middle of winter when we can all chase those adventures together. Her husband Jerry also serves as a FLIC volunteer!