Flathead Lake International Cinemafest

Polson, Montana – January 24-26, 2020

The Flathead Lake International Cinemafest is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful film festivals in the world. Breathtaking vistas of a clear blue lake at the base of majestic Mission Mountains provides an inspiring location for a festival. Beyond the great location, FLIC has become a Destination Film Festival for filmmakers from across the country and globe.

FLIC will be celebrating its eighth year of presenting a broad slate of domestic and international films in January, 2020. Whether you’re a filmmaker or a film lover, make plans to enter or attend this exciting winter event in picturesque Polson, Montana.

Encore Screenings

January 26-30

If you missed some films during the festival, you can catch them during the FLIC encore screenings the following week! Your All Access Pass will admit you to encore screenings, or individual encore screening blocks are $5 each. Special thanks to Showboat Cinemas for giving FLIC a home for eight years running!

Filmmaker Testimonials

FLIC has become the kind of film festival filmmakers love to attend!

We attended FLIC for the first time this year. All the way up to the festival we held constant communication with Jessica who is fantastic. The scenery is truly breathtaking. Everything about this festival is great. People know who you are when you arrive, the audience is engaged and participatory, and the theatre reminds me of my hometown where I first saw many of my favorite movies. The receptions, the Q&As, the after events, everything was a blast. We will definitely be submitting our next project to FLIC again and you should too! Johnny Ventimiglia, Writer/Director

Wow, what a great festival! Everyone involved with the festival was wonderful to work with and the venue is a very cool independent theater, which I’m told is being remodeled this year. The audiences were incredibly engaged and extremely welcoming. We had a really wonderful Q&A after our film screening. Also, it’s one of the most beautiful areas I’ve had the pleasure of traveling to. I’m hoping to make a summer trip up there because it’s just amazing. It’s not the biggest festival or in the biggest city, but it’s one I will most certainly be entering future films into, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a festival that truly loves the craft of filmmaking and the filmmakers who put so much effort into their films. Keep up the good work FLIC! Jimmy Boratyn, Writer/Producer/Director

Lovely people who were very patient and calm during our hectic submission process. They really watch the films and value the time spent by filmmakers. In that sense, although they are very professional, they are in touch with their heart and select the films by heart. Usually it is said that you need to know people from the festival world to get into a festival, we didn’t know anybody. We couldn’t join the festival since we were in Istanbul but we wish we could. Thank you, we are honored for being a part of your festival. Director Stare Yildirim, Instanbul, Turkey

One of the best film festivals I’ve ever attended. Efficiently run in a beautiful location by a super friendly staff. Cynthia Wikler, Writer/Producer/Director

My second year attending the Flathead Lake International Cinemafest and yes I will try to go again next year. This has become one of my favorites for a number of reason but I’ll list just one: real audiences. So many film festivals have audiences that are comprised mostly of other filmmakers. FLIC has lots of people from the local community attending who just want to watch indie films. I’ve never had so many people come up to me after leaving the theatre to tell me how much they enjoyed my film – and that was nice. Well organized and friendly. Writer/Director Ray Nomato Robison, Medford, OR

Was great to attend FLIC again for the second time. The crew that put on this festival was nothing short of spectacular and I had a great time showing my film. Polson is a wonderful small town and the community seemed very supportive of the festival and each showing I attended was nearly full! Great work and I definitely plan on coming back again! Colter Olmstead, Director