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David W. King

David W. King’s film and television career spans 40 years and many facets of live-action and animation production. He has 125 IMDB credits, which include Vice President of Production, Supervising Producer, Producer, Director, Associate Producer, Production Manager, Post-Production Supervisor, Executive in Charge of Production, Writer, Cinematographer and Editor. David has worked for major studios like Universal, Disney, and 20th Century Fox. At Disney and Universal, David produced feature-length projects like Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp’s Adventure and Balto 2 and 3. He also wrote or co-wrote 8 feature screenplays, most of which were optioned. David moved to Polson, Montana in 2012, where he set up his own production company, David W. King Pictures. Samples of his work are available at his website, DavidWKing.com. David and his wife Jessica love co-producing FLIC and are excited that FLIC 2020 is open for submissions!

As a judge, David finds it great fun to discover little gems as he and his fellow judges review scores of FLIC entries each year. There are always surprises and spirited discussions on the part of the judges, whose tastes vary much like those found around water-coolers the world over. 

Karr Bergmann

Karr Bergmann is the General Manager of the Red Lion Ridgewater Inn & Suites in Polson, Montana. He moved to Polson to help open the hotel in 2015 and quickly fell in love with the town and surrounding area. Karr studied literature at East Tennessee State University and has always enjoyed cinema covering a broad spectrum of genres, cultures, and subjects. Karr also serves on the Boards of Directors for Mission Mountain Enterprises and Glacier Country Tourism. When he isn’t working, Karr enjoys sailing, kayaking, and hiking with his wife. After working with FLiC for years as a sponsor and enthused attendee, Karr joined his fellow judges for FLIC 2018 and is entering his third year for FLIC 2020.

Sarah Beck

Ever since she was a small child and the only member of a birthday party who didn’t flee the theater during the terrifying forest fire scene in Bambi, Sarah has been hooked on movies.  Cinema has been her happy place and a source of escape from life.  All genres intrigue Sarah, but foreign films interest her the most, bringing the big world to her, as she doesn’t travel as much as she’d like!  When Sarah learned of FLIC’s inception in 2013, she jumped on board as both a corporate sponsor and an avid fan. Her enthusiasm for FLIC has grown, and she has even encouraged her mother to travel cross-country several times just to join in on the festivities. This has been Sarah’s first year of adjudicating FLIC films and she considers it a joy and a privilege. When she’s not at the movies, Sarah has a day job as Broker Associate at Century 21 Big Sky.